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    We understand that medical billing is crucial to your practice’s financial health, and that administering the entire billing process in-house takes a lot of time and effort. We at MedCal want to be your strategic partner in increasing payment collection, lowering denial rates, and increasing clean claims rates. In order to modernize your billing, our service platform is built on years of experience and uses cutting-edge technology.

    Without understanding on the proper process on claim submission, this could lead to delays and denials on collections…

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    Whether your company have adapted to electronic claim submission or paper manual claim submission, we can help you process your claims…

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    Claims scrubbing involves finding and getting rid of errors that are found in billing codes. In MedCal,  our team will go beyond the basic auditing in order to ensure that the data itself is actually accurate…

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    Payment posting process affects many other functions of the medical office and can have a major impact on patient satisfaction…

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    Claim denial and rejections management is a critical element to a healthy cash flow, and successful revenue cycle management…

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    Today, it demands billing professionals with a specialized skill-set to look after the Accounts Receivables follow-ups…

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    Most of the time payment issue arises when patient is not able to understand patient statement in medical billing and delays in making the payment…

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    We understand that healthcare call center outsourcing is different from other industries. From delivering the best patient service to ensuring a superior line of communication…

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    Medical billing reports are a great tool for helping you diagnose the financial health of your practice, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand…

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    It’s not always easy to find a medical biller who will help you maintain your revenue management cycle. Here in MedCal, your development is our top priority. Your business has a direct impact on ours, it is unquestionably the most important part of the services we provide.


    Our billing staff is made up of certified and trained professionals. We employ the most recent industry updates, and each piece of work we offer is double-checked for coding accuracy. Our two-tier QA procedure is included in every review to guarantee you can trust the quality of the work we provide.


    For our clients, MedCal provides an industry-leading pricing strategy. Our pricing is flexible to meet your requirements. Whether we help with overflow or personnel shortages, or we provide full-scale outsourced coding, we promise that our service will pay for itself in terms of the value we give.


    We finish the coding process in two business days. To ensure a quick turnaround, our coders work through the night. By cooperating with MedCal, you may avoid costly billing delays and time-consuming compliance difficulties.

    Results You Can Count On

    Maintaining an efficient medical billing department while running a medical practice can be difficult. By using MedCal’s services, you and your team can concentrate on practicing medicine and providing high-quality patient care.

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    Are you looking to cut costs to your practice and bring more money in your door but you’re not sure how? Would you practice benefit from having $7,000 a month extra? If your answer is YES to either of these questions, then we are the company for you.

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    Our company truly appreciate our clients and customer service is our priority. Check out our reviews and you will see why people love us. We have been beyond humbled by what our clients say about us and the overwhelming number of them who let us be a part of their process from beginning to end.

    MedCal Inc. is a Industry leader when it comes to billing and collections. Letting them handle my office's billing allows us to concentrate on patient care. MedCal Inc. stays on top of everything and always lets us know when there are insurance changes we need to be aware of. They do a great job in keeping cash flowing with Insurance and patient collections. I highly recommend MedCal Inc.

    Dr. Luis R. Cabrera


    Benefits From Working With MedCal

    We are aware of your requirements and sympathize with your hectic schedule. When you already have the important responsibility of running your business, you shouldn’t have to keep up with the latest Medicare standards. Our main goal is to watch out for your best interests and safeguard your bottom line while alleviating the stress that paperwork may bring.

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